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NET Web Server Controls use its internal HttpHandler to transfer barcode ... including Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128 , UCC/ EAN - 128 ,Industrial 2 of 5  ...
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The <iterate> tag takes a property that is a Collection or array to produce repetitive portions of SQL from a set of values. The list is rendered by rendering the values of the list to a SQL fragment separated by the conjunction attribute s value. The open attribute value is what is prefixed to the beginning of the rendered value list. The close attribute is what is appended to the rendered value list. The tag attributes are shown in table 8.8.

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Generating a GS1 - 128 (formerly EAN - 128 ) barcode using ZXing ...
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ZXing does support GS1 - 128 (formerly called EAN - 128 ) but requires a little work on the part of the user to ... http://barcode4j.sourceforge. net /.
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Table 8.8 <iterate> tag attributes The property of the parameter containing the list. This value is used to prepend to the tag s resulting body content. The prepend value will not be prepended (a) when the tag s resulting body content is empty; (b) if the tag is the first to produce body content and is nested in a tag with the removeFirstPrepend attribute set to true; or (c) if the tag is the first to produce body content following a <dynamic> tag with a prepend attribute value that is not empty. This value is used to prefix to the tag s resulting body content. The open value will not be prefixed if the tag s resulting body content is empty. The open value is prefixed before the prepend attribute s value is prefixed. For example, if prepend="OR " and open="(", then the resulting combined prefix would be "OR (". The close value is used to append to the tag s resulting body content. The append value will not be appended if the tag s resulting body content is empty. This is the value used in between the rendering of the list values to the SQL statement. The removeFirstPrepend attribute value defines whether the first nested content-producing tag will have its prepend value removed.

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Figure 3-30. Creating the C:\LunchCounter folder and saving the DSL Grammar code as LunchCounter.mg

property (required) prepend (optional)

open (optional)

where somelist is your list. For an explanation of what this really means, see the section about join in 3.

close (optional) conjunction (optional) removeFirstPrepend (optional)

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EAN128, UCC128 GS1 - 128 VB .NET Barcode Generator Control is an advanced developer-library, which can be integrated into VB.NET class application to ...
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You should now have the DSL file (SandwichLanguage.dsl), and the DSL Grammar definition file (LunchCounter.mg) in your new working folder (C:\LunchCounter). But you can t yet deploy this code. The problem is with the generated M Graph tree, displayed in the right pane of Intellipad. This is not yet in a form that can be used by the command-line tools to build the SQL Server tables. Since this is an introductory level book, I will avoid going through all of the diagnostics necessary to arrive at a version of the DSL Grammar code that allows you to deploy the model, with instances, to the database. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.) The primary fix is to reset the Stuff, Bread, and Condiment types to named entities rather than text types. The Bread component will be set as a collection, even though it will always be a collection of one for a particular instance of SandwichOrder. This will also require three new syntax definitions for the new entity types: BreadEntity, CondimentEntity, and StuffEntity. These changes appear in the gray portion of Figure 3-31, and the right pane shows the new M Graph.

You can perform all the standard sequence operations on lists, such as indexing, slicing, concatenating, and multiplying. But the interesting thing about lists is that they can be modified. In this section, you see some of the ways you can change a list: item assignments, item deletion, slice assignments, and list methods. (Note that not all list methods actually change their list.)

Listing 8.7 shows how to use the iterate tag to build a more complex WHERE condition for our SQL statement.

<select id="getProducts" parameterClass="Product" resultClass="Product"> SELECT * FROM Products <dynamic prepend="WHERE productType IN "> <iterate property="productTypes" open="(" close=")" conjunction=","> productType=#productType# </iterate> </dynamic> </select>

Changing a list is easy. You just use ordinary assignment as explained in 1. However, instead of writing something like x = 2, you use the indexing notation to assign to a specific, existing position, such as x[1] = 2. >>> >>> >>> [1, x = [1, 1, 1] x[1] = 2 x 2, 1]

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UCC/ EAN - 128 - Neodynamic
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UCC/ EAN - 128 Barcode The UCC/ EAN - 128 Symbology is a subset of the more general Code 128 Symbology. By agreement among AIM, Inc., EAN International  ...

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